Friday, October 2, 2009

Sad, But Mostly True!

"After more than twenty years of dealing with church members on a daily basis, I am of the following opinion. Of every one thousand members of a Protestant or Fundamental church, three hundred are Christian in word only and could not give a scriptural definition of salvation if their life depended on it (and it does). Three hundred others are trusting in water baptism. Another three hundred are counting on some sort of good works to get them to heaven. Fifty more are workers of iniquity seeking to ruin the church to which they belong or use it for social, political or business objectives. Forty know the way of salvation but have not yet received Christ Jesus as Saviour."

I don't know who wrote this, but I don't think he's far wrong!

1 comments: said...

But 100% of all those whom the Father has given to the Son, will come to the Son and will not be turned away.

They are the ones whose consciences have been pricked by the law, and realise that they are filthy sinners before a pure, holy, and just God.

They are the ones to whom Christ Crucified, as their substitute, is the most precious sight they could ever have hoped to see.

Craig Boyd