Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Give The Man A Drink!

What would you say of a man journeying through the desert with a full flask of water, if he has a travelling companion with no flask, and yet never offers him a drink? What then if he were to stand by and watch that man die of thirst? Would we not say he was of the cruelest stock - hard hearted and altogether unloving - a man deserving of great punishment? Suppose he appeases his conscience by reasoning the man with no flask could have asked for a sip?

Anyone capable of doing such a thing, we would say, is truly a wicked, wicked man!

Will not the same be said of those who carry within themselves a well of living water yet offer it not to their colleagues, friends, family, even strangers?


Paul Brown said...

Sounds reasonable, but how many times does the other person have to politely refuse the proffered drink before it becomes acceptable to (metaphorically speaking) insert your flask where even the desert sun won't reach it?