Thursday, October 8, 2009

Degrees Of Sin?

The greek word for sin "ἁμαρτία" literally means to miss the mark. To miss the target. But the problem is we don't realise how far we miss it!

Imagine for a moment if our target were the sun! At an approximate distance of 149,598,000 km away, if we were off course by just 1 degree, we'd miss the mark by around 2,611,242 kilometres. That's a little over 65 round trips of the earth!

But we know that the target, the requirement for us to approach God in infinite holiness is infinite perfection! Perfect righteousness! Now if we were to miss that, even by one degree, we'd miss the mark by an infinite number of miles. In terms of being off course, that's seriously lost!

Let us then not trifle over the degrees of sin! "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it." James 2:10

One degree of separation is still separation after all!

Since we cannot make it on our own, give up trying! Flee to the only one who can save you and throw yourself at his feet. Cast yourself upon his mercy, for he promised to save to the upmost all who come to him! He lived a sinless life! He satisfied all the requirements of the law! He hit the mark!

There was no cause for death found in him, yet he was crucified. Crucified in the place of all those who would put their trust in him! All those who would give up trying to hit the mark themselves! All those who would flee to him for salvation!

Repent! Turn from your striving, turn from your unbelief, turn from your sin – turn to the only one who can save you! Turn to Christ!

You will never make it otherwise! You cannot make it otherwise!