Saturday, December 13, 2008


Realise that it wont be just you,
Everyone else will be judged with you too,
Plauged by the sins that you loved to do,
Everything mocked by you will be found true,
No hope for you then, all will be through,
Turn to Him now though - He can save you!


The Celtic Chimp said...

Wispered prayers are softly spoken
Hearts and minds are left wide open
Yearning faith remains unbroken

Though no responce was ougt recieved
Help not given, nor pain reprieved
Even then he still believed
Reasons answer not concieved
Ever the faithful are decieved

Is the dreamer soon to wake?
Surely now the dawn will break!

No it seems he slumbers still
One more time though the prayer mill

God loves you; but must have contrition
On your knees in full submission
Don't you know he loves you so, obey or to the flames you go!!

Sam said...

Hi CC. If, in your estimation, the validation that God does not exists lies in the wake of unanswered prayer, what then of answered prayer? Does that prove the existence of God?

Some thoughts on your poem… firstly, very creative! You handle words well!

First stanza, no issues. Apart from the second line which might be read to imply carelessness, or susceptibility.

Second stanza. How ought God answer prayer? If the trials of life that we are going through have been sent by Him to accomplish in us patience, perseverance, humility, meekness, gentleness, thoughtfulness and so on – then should we expect Him to abort the plans He has for us, plans conceived in infinite wisdom, plans purposed to conform us more to His image, in order to answer our requests which are made in ignorance? How does one learn what submission is unless he submits, what trust is unless he trusts – and from his heart cries, “nevertheless, not my will but thine be done!”

Fifth Stanza. Contrition is not something we need to manufacture! It will come when we see ourselves as we are, and we realise what we have done! Following that, love will spring forth from the deep well of a sinners heart when he realises that God loves him still and has provided a way of Salvation through Jesus Christ. With a heart full of love - submission to the lordship of Christ & obedience to His commands is not burdensome, but the desire of the redeemed sinners heart!