Monday, December 15, 2008

The Athiest!

I want to be the god of my life,

With no one to rule over me,
And nothing to stop me from living in sin,
Not God, especially not He!
To be free to live how I like to please,

To fight the truth to the end,
Oh, how I love to live my own life,

Belief I want to suspend!
Even though I've heard of the truth of his word,

The fact is I love darkness more,
Hating the light, I just want to fight,
Everyone who hopes in the Lord!

God is the object of all of my scorn,
Obnoxious in all His demands,
Detest Him, I do, with all of my heart,

Oh, I hate His laws and commands!
Forgetting that He made me, and I am His,

My heart loves to wallow in sin,
Yet deep down I know I'm fighting with God,

Losing the battle within!
I wish it were not so, the truth I don't want,
For it says of me I am a sinner,
Everything I love will soon be destroyed, my hope is fast getting thinner!


Shannon Jacobyansky said...

If only the athiest would realize true freedom only comes from believing in the One who unlocked the shackles of despair and brings hope amidst the trials of life. The gift given at Christmas time...Jesus Christ!

The Celtic Chimp said...

I considered responding in the form of a poem but that would be something of an epic :)

There are many classic religious misconceptions about atheists in here. Arrogant misconceptions they are too.

Atheists are not angry with god, they do not reject his rules. They simply don’t believe he exists. Are you angry at Zeus?

Why the obsession with needing an all-powerful controller? Atheist don’t want to be gods in their lives or anyone else. We recognise our simple humanity and all the frailties that entails. We don’t believe in gods and we certainly don’t want to be one.

What is the sin you are convinced atheists are all living in?
We make moral decisions based our own moral compass, and that morality that most humans everywhere agree on; which is why an atheist would never consider stoning a child to death. We have enough moral character to know that is wrong regardless of who tells us to do it. Even an invented deity.
A Muslim could condescend to you in exactly the same manner about his god. He could write the exact same poem with you in mind. According to the doctrines of Islam, you are living in sin. Do you just love this apparent sin, is that why you are not Muslim. Do you hate Allah?

You put way too much importance on your chosen deity. The arrogance to presume that everyone must secretly believe in your god! I feel about that much the same way you would feel about a Hindu smugly condescending to you that you really do believe in Shiva, you just won’t recognise the fact because you love breaking Shiva’s rules. Your god is just one of many in the vast panoply of gods that are currently worshipped on earth. People it seems have a need to find agency in the universe and will invent gods if there isn’t one handy to believe in. You just happened to be told about one of them and for no good reason chose to believe in it.

What is it that you think is going to be destroyed?

Do you doubt that if you had been born and raised in a Muslim country that you would be a Muslim?
You might even have a blog wishing peace on Mohammed. :)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Wow! Well written. It is sad that the atheist just does not get it. Thinking their way is the better way to live. They are the ones we need to be praying for the most.

Sam said...

Hi CC.

In a post modern world that is steeped in political correctness and religious tolerance, I can certainly understand how the claims of Christ appear arrogant. After all, Christ confidently asserts that He is the only way of Salvation. This should not only upset Atheists, but all other world religions too, because by implication He says they are all wrong!

“For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” Romans 1:20

You may believe He does not exist, but the scriptures testify that you will be without excuse on the great day of judgement.

CC, though you recognise your simple humanity, and all the frailties that entails, you stop too far short! That’s the problem, you will not go as far as to say that you heart appears quite unlovely in the eyes of a holy and righteous God?

But He doesn’t stop too far short in declaring the truth.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. John 3: 19-20

You asked, “What is the sin you are convinced atheists are all living in?” Well, since sin is transgression of the law, then at what point you transgress the laws of God, this is where you live in sin.

Have you ever wondered why it is that you have an inner sense of what is right and what is wrong? Why is it that universally men and women feel bad about lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, raping and so on? Could it be as the scripture suggests, that God has written his laws on their hearts? He has given them a conscience to know when they have violated his laws?

You said, “According to the doctrines of Islam, you are living in sin.” Mate, according to the doctrines of the bible I am a convicted sinner! I don’t have a hope in and of myself! If the Koran testifies that I am a sinner too, I will not argue with that!

The reason I put a lot of importance in Jesus Christ, is because He has promised to deliver me from my sins! Mohammed, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, and every other professing god or prophet have not promised to deliver me from my sins. They all tell me that if I work hard enough and do enough of the right things, then I will earn a place in the hereafter. Trouble is, they can’t guarantee my salvation – and I certainly can’t! Jesus Christ has promised me eternal life – and my trust is in Him!

What is it that is going to be destroyed? This world and all that is in it. The ruler of this age – that is, the devil. The inhabitants of this world who are enemies with God through wicked works. And unless you repent, you will likewise join them!

If I were born in a Muslim country, would I have been brought up a Muslim – probably. Would that stop God reaching me with the truth of his Son and saving me through faith in Him? Absolutely not!

Even if I had been repeatedly raped by a Catholic priest, and so hardened my heart towards God because of it… could he still reach me and save me – Absolutely!

The Celtic Chimp said...

What do you have to loose by putting your faith in the Lord?

Quite a bit.

1. Any claim to rationality.
2. I would have to let go of my intellectual honesty.
3. I would no longer be persuing the truth but would be persuing ancient superstition.
4. I would also be losing my ability to determine what is real from what is unreal.

Why also should I not put my faith in a thousand other Gods. Oh thats right. You happen to have picked the right one. All those muslims, hindus, poor guys. All their religious experiences, all the times they have encoutered their gods. They know their gods are real because they have spoken to them in their hearts......I guess in their case all that is just in their heads. In your case though, it must be real!

You believe not because there is any good reason to but because you want to. Thats it. A terrible reason if ever there was one.