Friday, November 21, 2008

Tis Good News!

One day this body of death that I'm in,
Will soon be dead because of my sin,
Torn from this world and all of its din,
I'll breathe my last, and then, what then?

Will I be caught up to heaven above?
To a life of no fear, and no pain thereof,
To be ever overwhelmed by unspeakable love,
And to worship in ways that I've never dreamed of?

Or will I fall deep into hell far below,
Where great thirst abounds, and hot dry winds blow,
Such peace or hope there will I surely not know,
Just great torment of soul in the harsh fires glow!

How can I be sure of the fate of my soul?
Must I work hard, and be good, and sign the church roll,
How can I be sure of my ultimate goal?
How can I be saved when the last bell does toll?

My record is bad, my sins much abound,
My own righteousness cannot make up the ground,
All my “good works” will surely be frowned,
Like a man lost at sea I will surely be drowned!

Is there any sure hope for a man such as me?
Am I destined to be lost for eternity?
What must I do that I might be free?
There is just one thing! Just one thing! You’ll see!

Believe on Him and you'll surely be saved!
He died in your place! He went to the grave!
He made a way! The road He did pave!
He shed His own blood so that you might be saved!

One thing that you lack, and then all will be well,
It is Faith in Him that will save you from hell,
Safe in His arms where like waves love does swell,
Believe in Him! Lean on Him! You will do well.

It is not just enough to know that Christ died,
For the sins of the many He bled and He cried,
But through faith, to Him, must your hopes be tied,
Your sins He took! In your place He died!

When you lay hold of Him, in faith, in this way,
The light of His life will be yours all the day,
Awash with relief “I’ve found rest you will say”,
My soul has been saved! In Him I’m okay!