Saturday, November 15, 2008

When The Penny Drops!

One day the penny will drop,
Your eyes will open wide,
You'll finally understand this truth,
I'm Saved Because He Died!

You'll lay hold of Him by faith,
Such joy will fill your heart,
He'll take your sin and punishment,
And righteousness impart!

Saved by grace through faith,
And this not of yourself,
The best works you can do, you'll see,
Deserve eternal hell!

Why did no-one tell me this?
The thought will cross your mind,
Truth is you heard it countless times,
It's just that you were blind!

No ear has heard or mind perceived,
The truth is mystery,
Until the God of Truth comes down,
And causes you to see!

And when He does you'll prostrate fall,
And glorify His name,
Then full of love you'll get back up,
To pull others from the flame!


Anonymous said...

Thats beautiful, did you write it?

Sam said...

Hi K. I wrote it down on paper but I give all the credit to God! I would know nothing of the truth of God if it were not for the God of truth patiently teaching it to me!

I love how Keith Green put it... "When a poet writes a poem, you do not applaud the pencil. I am just a pencil in God's hands."