Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Don't People Come To Christ?


Frank said...

Totaly true. Can't tell you how many people I talk to when you back them into a corner admit they love their sin rather than God. And all their excuses seem lame compared to the real reason.

ExPatMatt said...


I honestly can't think of a single 'sin' that I commit that I wouldn't gladly give up if I thought there was a God.

The whole 'loving your sin' thing is rather presumptuous.

If you think you know different, please enlighten me.


Kerri Love said...

I personally love reading and talking about the bible and have no problem going to church. I guess there are exceptions to every rule

Nathin said...

That's why I'm a presuppositional apologist!

Richard Dawkin's know's there is a God! That's why he fights against the true God and not against the FLYING SPAGETTI MONSTER!

That's why the world works so hard to have a secular biased media that keeps on drumming out evolution, and other totally unscientific babble. Because if they don't work hard 24/7 to construct the smokescreen, and block their ears with noise, they actually have to think about and admit there is an elephant in the room.