Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Atheist!

God has made it clear in his word that an atheist but a man who will neither glorify Him, nor give thanks to Him! His thinking has become futile and his foolish heart is darkened! He claims to be wise, but he has become a fool! He spends his days gathering in his tattered bag a few worthless trinkets from this fallen age, and while doing so overlooks the pearl of great price! He has most willingly allowed himself to be blinded by the false eternal! Deceived into living for a few pleasures in this fallen, evil age, he trades his birthright for a bowl of soup! He blindly sends his eternal, immortal soul to hell while he spends his days chasing after the wind! He does not see that his life is a mist, a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes. There is no fear of God before his eyes, though it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. God has given him a conscience, yet he sears it as with a hot iron in his continued rebellion. He is an enemy of God through his unbelief, suppressing the truth through his wicked works – and although he knows God’s righteous decree that all who do such things deserve eternal punishment, he not only continues to do these very things, but also approves of those who practice them. Yet God is patient with him, not wishing that any should perish, but that all would repent and cry out to Him for salvation. The very fact that these many years he has kept him from peril, granting him each new day an opportunity to repent, is a testament to His great mercy and loving kindness! The grace of God that has been extended to us has been extended to him also! But this will not always be the case. One day the hand outstretched to draw him in will be retracted, and the upheld hand that holds back the penalty of the law will lowered, and the atheist will be swept away under the wrath of God by his own iniquity and sins. Dear atheist, if God did not want to save you he would not have sent you a Saviour to be slaughtered on the cross for your sins. If God did not want to save you He would have brought justice down on you the minute you first broke His law. If God did not want to save you He would not be leading you to blogs like this, bringing you into the hearing of the gospel. Dear Atheist, I am no better! I do not deserve the grace that has been given me, yet He has saved me and He can save you too! Seek Him now while He may be found, because when you breathe your last breath and step out from time into eternity you will find yourself standing before a just and Holy God who will give you what your sins deserve! There will be no excuse, you have heard the gospel, you have heard of His Son - Jesus Christ - sent as an atoning sacrifice to save you, but if you reject that mercy - how do you expect to escape? How shall you escape if you neglect so great a Salvation?


ExPatMatt said...

Hey there Sam,

You do know that atheists don't believe God exists, right?

Because, on the basis of this post, it looks like you think atheists believe there's a god (your God, in particular) but are just denying His existence out of some sort of masochistic desire for eternal punishment.

Seems like a strange position to take; have you asked an atheists what (s)he thinks?

I am one, by the way, so feel free to ask me, if you like.



PS. I posted a comment on your 'Dust to Dust' post too.

Sam said...

Mate, I don’t doubt that you sincerely believe that God doesn’t exist – but you are trusting in your intellect, which is flawed, your heart, which is deceitfully wicked and your feelings, which rise and fall like the ocean tide!

Your heart, which desires all the pleasures that this fallen age has to offer, is keeping you from seeing that you are walking towards a cliff - and if not turned, you will fall headlong into destruction! I don’t think that you have some sort of masochistic desire for eternal punishment – you’re just blind to the danger! You cannot see it, and therefore you presume that it does not exist.

All the while this world reaches out its tendrils - and as it intoxicates you with temporal vanities, it wraps its sharp hooks into you; carrying your heart away from the God who created you for himself.

The great enemy of God, Satan himself, uses this world to tempt you, distract you to blind you! You chase after vain things; things that will eventually corrupt, and rot and return to dust. As you yourself will in but a few short years!

Then, one day, you will breathe your last breath, and you will be torn from all that you have lived for - all the friendships that you have made, your family members, all you have acquired, the wealth you have accumulated, the plans that you have made for the future.

And when that day comes, your eyes will finally see what you cannot see now - that you have lived your life with the great purpose of pleasing self! You have done all that you wanted, when you wanted, how you wanted. You have ignored the God who made you, drowned out his pleas, spurned his mercy – and in doing so, you forfeit eternal life for a few moments of temporal, worldly pleasures.

ExPatMatt said...

That was very poetic Sam, you have an excellent writing style; do you make use of creative writing in the real world? If not, you should!

You said,

"Mate, I don’t doubt that you sincerely believe that God doesn’t exist "

This is what I mean about asking atheists what they think. I don't 'sincerely believe that God doesn't exist'.

I currently do not believe in God - but that doesn't mean that I believe that God (or, at least, a god) doesn't exist. It's a subtle but important distinction. I am open to the possibility that there is a God, but I've found no good reason to make the leap of faith from thinking there might be a God to dedicating my life to His Name.

The rest of your comment is pure assertion based on what you believe and that's fine, but can you think of a good reason why I should take your assertion at face value and just believe that what you're saying is true? Is there any reason why I should take your assertion as carrying more weight than that of someone of another religion? Trying to be objective here.

How can I not use my intellect to discern fact from fiction? If I suspended my intellect and rationality, I could be duped into believing any old nonsense (plenty of people are, as you know) so why would I do that?

I'm sorry, but your comment could easily be taken to mean; 'switch off your brain and believe without question' and that's just not something I'm willing to do without a really, really good reason.