Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here I am Lord, Send Me!

I do not know where you’ll have me go,
What I’ll do or say, or who’ll I’ll know,

It’s not for me to second guess,
To forge my own path or seek my own rest,

It’s for your Son I give all to serve,
For you offer me what I don’t deserve,

The riches of grace and mercy be,
Flogged and torn and hung on that tree.

I’m not my own I was bought with a price,
The Treasure of heaven, who poured out His life,

It’s not for freedom sake I’ve been set free,
So here I am Lord – Send Me!

Authored while @ ReachOut 2007

Folks... it's not a matter of am I called, but will I go? If you are a child of God, you have already been sent!

The great commission is not a command to GO, but to preach... As you are going into all the world, PREACH the gospel! So, will you?

Where you are right now is part of all the world. Your street, neighbourhood, workplace, town or city - no doubt there are countless lost souls within your reach. So in obedience to your master, reach out now and start to seek and save those which are lost!