Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Don't Forget Your Toothbrush!

Today, many people will spend more time brushing their teeth than attending to the great need of their own soul! It's a tragic reality! In the next 24 hours around 150,000 people will pass from time into eternity - many of those will go with clean teeth and a rotten soul.

As believers in Christ we are compelled to go into all the world and take the gospel of the Jesus Christ to all people! It is an undertaking that God's love, within the heart of all his children, bids them do! But how? Cleaning teeth I know, but souls?

As a child, I was instructed to brush my teeth for a full three minutes before I went to bed. A small sacrifice of time, but my teeth have thanked me for it! What if you only had three minutes to share the Gospel with a dying man? Would you be ready?

It may be all the time he has left, but if you share the life saving gospel with him and he is gloriously saved by faith in Christ, you will have such joy in your heart knowing that he has passed through death with clean teeth and a clean soul!

If you don’t know how you could even possibly present the gospel to a complete stranger, family member or friend in three minutes, I would encourage you to listen to "Three Minutes To Live" by Ray Comfort.


Stephen McAllister said...

I guess that all this states is that we are majoring on things that have no eternal importance rather than the things that do.

Our society is not geared towards the literal fact that hell is real and all are heading there unless they have met Jesus.

The church as a whole does not even teach this truth.

How pathetic it is to have clean teeth in hell.

MM said...

I used to receive heaps of scam emails - you jnow the millions of dollars up for grabs, and I am able to get a slice. I created a stock answer that told the sender that he was part of a lying scam and that unless he repented and accepted that Christ's sufferings and death were necessary for his salvation that he was doomed. I quoted some scriptures to that effect, etc.
At least one of the responses to it showed some effect. He had posed as a widow, but admitted that the email "made him feel bad". He was in fact a young fellow.
That is one way to get a word across. I can send a copy if anyone wants it as a template to create a better one.