Friday, April 17, 2009

The Law Is A Defibrillator!

The law is a defibrillator for shocking dead people into a state of consciousness in order to give them the life saving gospel. We are to be the paramedics that never give up. Defibrillating someone until they "come to" (a place of the consciousness of sin, repentance and faith) or God calls the time and they pass from here into eternity.

A mate of mine is an Ambo and a while ago he told me about an incident in which he tried to resuscitate an elderly lady. Covered in sweat, aching back and arms they worked on her until the doctor called her dead.

On reflection, we should be like that. Labouring until sweat forms on our brow, until our joints ache doing all we can to awaken the conscience, and bring a pulse of concern to the flat lined, unregenerate, God hating heart.