Friday, April 17, 2009

Everything Revolves Around What He Did!

In September 2006, Petty Officer Michael Monsoor, 25, of Garden Grove California, fell on a grenade that landed on a rooftop in Ramadi, where he and two other Navy SEALs were stationed as part of a sniper team. Monsoor saved the lives of the other two.

When interviewed, a 29-year-old Navy SEAL lieutenant who declined to be identified, replied, "You think about him every day. And everything pretty much revolves around what he did!"

Isn't it amazing - a man can jump on a grenade to save his mates and his sacrifice turns their lives upside down, yet there are many who claim an interest in Christ's sacrifice but have no regard for Him, think little of Him and have no desire to pour out their lives for Him. My friends, this should not be! When someone dies for you it changes everything! Your whole world is tipped on its head! Not only are you eternally grateful, you owe your very life to Him!

Jesus Christ, the captain of our salvation, the perfect sinless Son of God who took all our sin upon Himself and was crushed under the wrath of a Just & Holy God, who saves all those who believe on Him from being destroyed... if he did that for you, and you know it, you will not remain cold and indifferent!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

What an awesome post Sam! This is so true. Thank you for your dedication to His great name!

Sinner Saved said...

So true, Sam. This is wonderful stuff. Thank you for sharing this unique perspective.