Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In The God Business

Each one is tempted when by his own evil desires he is dragged away and enticed, and after desire has conceived it gives birth to sin, and sin when it is full grown gives birth to death!

Man's Problem: The Enticement.
He wants to rule his own life! He wants to be God! He wants to call the shots and make all the decisions - all of which are to this one end... the of pleasing self.

The Determination; The Conception.
Man decides I will be the God of my own life. He rebels against God and steals his own life away from His creator. He has gone into the God business for himself!

The Result: The Death.
Man is living in open rebellion towards God. In his heart he cries out to God, I am the god of my own life and You WILL bow down to me! You will let me have my way. You will let me make my own decisions. If you do not then I will make a god in my own image who will bow down to me.

How to determine if you are in the God business for yourself?

God is the standard of all Truth and Morality. All that He is, thinks and does is perfect in every way. He does not conform to a standard (as if there was an external standard above Him) but the standard, that is, the law, by definition, is Himself. This is also His will. His will is that all be in perfect conformity to Him.

We know that we are in the God business for ourselves when WE begin defining both truth and morality... When Truth and morality becomes relative to us, molded by our own corrupt imaginations and evil desires of the heart.

1. Is Truth relative to you?
2. Is Morality relative to you?