Friday, July 11, 2008

No Thanks! (Part 2)

A follow on from the blog entry No Thanks!

Image you are very sick, and you need a blood transfusion. It's the only thing that can save your life! You have a very rare sort of blood that only one person in the whole world shares with you, and that person is a little boy. One day the little boy's father comes to you in the hospital while you are on your death bed and says "Here! We took the blood from my son so that you may live! He's dead now, but you can live!".

Would you tell the father thanks for the thought? Would you tell him, thank you for sacrificing your son on my behalf, but I don't want it? Would you take the bag of that little boys blood and tip it down the drain?

No way in the world!!! You would probably be grieved and humbled over that sacrifice. You might feel unworthy, but you would be filled with thankfulness as you take that life saving blood! Deep gratitude and love would well up within as you think upon the boy and his father and what they had done. You surely wouldn't despise them, would you?

God has sacrificed his own Son - he did it nearly two thousand years ago. We are on our deathbed, sick with sin, and it's only his blood that can save us. Now God has come to you in your sick condition, and is offering you his Son's blood. Are you going to say thanks but no thanks, keep it yourself! Are you going to tip it down the drain? Or are you going to humble yourself and with a grateful heart, reach out and lay hold of what the Saviour has done for us all?